Top Changes Done by CFA Institute Online Course 2023

The Online CFA program has undergone significant transformations, starting with the adoption of computer-based testing and a shift in the exam schedule. The CFA Institute Online has now unveiled additional modifications to advance this evolution to the next level.

List of changes by CFA Institute in 2023
●    Expanded eligibility for CFA level 1 student
●    Allotment of digital badges for CFA levels 1 &2
●    Benefit from practical skill module
●    Mock test for CFA level 1 exam
●    Specialized Pathways for CFA level 3
●    Focused CFA curriculum

Expanded Eligibility 

The CFA Institute has introduced new eligibility criteria that now first-year undergrad students can register themselves for the CFA exam. 

This eligibility is only applicable to CFA level 1 candidates. For CFA level 2, an undergraduate degree is a must. 

Now interested students can register early as per new eligibility rules. 

Allocation of Digital Badges for CFA level 1&2 candidates

The CFA Institute online course is paying more attention to increased recognition strategy including digital badging. Through this badging, candidates can track their achievements. 

Visit CFA Institutes official website to get more information. 

Mock test availability 

CFA level 1 online  Institute is offering a CFA level 1 mock test. The candidate will get 1000 more practice questions with six additional mock exams. For this, the candidate has to pay US $ 299 to the CFA Institute. 

The practice material will be made available for candidates registering for Feb 2024 exams.

It is always advisable for candidates to make the most of the practice material, be it from CFA Institute or Best CFA coaching online

Specialized Pathways for CFA level 3
In CFA level 3, there are three variations called specialized pathways. New variations are- Private Wealth and Private Markets. This will be introduced in 2025. There are no current plans for CFA levels 1&2. 

Some frequently asked questions for choosing a specialized pathway

When to choose a Pathway?

The candidate can choose their pathway at the time of CFA exam registration. 

Can we choose more than one Pathway?
The candidate can choose only one pathway for the Best Coaching For Cfa in Delhi. 

What percentage of content for CFA level 3 will be specialized?
30% of the content will be different, the rest 70% is identical to the regular study material. 

Will CFA charters reflect the chosen specialized Pathway?

The Cfa Level 1 Best Online Coaching charter will remain the same, as will the placement of your Specialized Pathway. CFA Institute, on the other hand, is differentiating its digital badges through Pathways.

Focused Curriculum 

Candidates from the 2024 batch will be tested on the CFA level 1 coaching online curriculum basis. 
The CFA level 2 curriculum has a slight change in this new approach. The foundation and introductory content like- time value of money, basic statistics, microeconomics, and introduction to company accounts will be removed from the official study material. 

What are your thoughts on these changes introduced by the CFA Institute?